Raja kolandar (aka Ram Niranjan) short profile

 Raja kolandar (aka Ram Niranjan)

Short profile

Real Name: Ram Niranjan

Age: (as of 2023) 61 years

DOB/Birth year: Year 1962

Nationality: Indian

Known for: To killing people and cannibalism

Home town: Allah Abad,Uttar Pradesh

Community: Kol

Spouse/wife: Gomti Devi(his husband gave her the name of Phoolan Devi)

Children:  He has 3 children, 

1: Adalat (boy)

2:  Zamanat (Boy)

3: Andolan (Girl)

Murders: 14, But the police could only prove three murders۔

Arrested on:  Year 2001, In the case of: Journalist Dhirendra Singh.

Punishment: He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2012, with his brother in law Vaksh raj  after 11 years trial.

Movies on his life: 

There are no movies on the life of Raja Kolandar, but the Netflix India launched a documentary on the Raja Kolandar's crime stories “Indian predators: Diary of a serial killer”

It has total 3 episodes and it is available to watch on the Netflix India.

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